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Travel hacks

Traveling during the winter isn’t always a picnic. This holiday, you might want to travel lighter and more efficiently but at the same time carry everything you need to keep warm. To help you get where you need to go this winter, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite winter travel packing hacks so you don’t have to stuff your backpack silly.

1. Bring a Good Pair of Waterproof Boots

Boots are great for winter travel packing because they can get you through snow and slush without getting your socks wet – which is essential. Also, you don’t want to ruin the rest of your clothing with icky, cold water.

2. Pack Plastic Bags to store wet clothes

We suggest packing plastic bags just for dirty clothes or wet bathing suits. They’re also great at containing smells, like souring food or bad foot odour from shoes that haven’t been aired out yet. Plus, they’re waterproof too, which means you won’t have to worry about getting some else’s belongings wet either. 

3. Only Pack Items You’ll Wear At Least Twice

Only bring items that will be worn at least twice. Additionally, make a packing list ahead of time and plan out your outfits, so you won’t overpack in a fit of last-minute stress.

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