North of Albania (5 days)
North of Albania (5 days)

North of Albania (5 days)

This tour encompasses attractions such as: the lake of Vau Dejë, Koman, Shalë River, city of Shkodër, village of Tamarë, the Cem River, Selcë Waterfall, Village of Lëpushë, the Valley of Vermosh, the village of Theth, Ndërlysaj, the Blue Eyes, Grunas Canyon & Waterfall.

Tour Program

Day 1:

Departure from Tirana at 06:00. Stop for coffee by the lake of Vau Dejë and then we arrive at the Castle of Coman or Port of Koman where we will take a boat to describe a beautiful experience on the lake. The destination is the Shalë River or else called the Albanian Thailand. The boat trip lasts 1.5 hours and we have time for the beach and hiking. Next, we will have lunch and will return to the place from where we left. From Coman, we go to the city of Shkodër, where we will be accommodated, visit to the Pedestrian and the old area of ​​Shkodër.

Day 2:

After breakfast, we leave for the Kelmendi area. The first village we visit is the village of Tamarë, where we’re going to visit the Cem River and hike to Selcë Waterfall, where the hike lasts 2 hours in total. Then, we’ll get accommodated in the picturesque Lëpushë Village.

Day 3:

After breakfast we leave to visit the Valley of Vermosh and head to our destination which is the beautiful village of Theth, where we will be accommodated.

Day 4:

After breakfast we will go to the village of Ndërlysaj, where we will park the cars and visit the stone baths with crystal water and go hiking in the Blue Eye which is about 50 minutes hiking. Then we return and visit the Grunas Canyon, then the Grunas Waterfall, which takes about 30 minutes of hiking. After that we will be accommodated in one of the guesthouses of the area.

Day 5:

After breakfast, we will visit the village and the Church. Then, we will return to Tirana. On the way, we will make a stop in Shirok Village for lunch.

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