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Duration: 2 days
Location: Lurë, Albania
Price: €70
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Lurë National Park, also Lura National Park (Albanian: Parku Kombetar i Lurës), is a national park located in the municipality of Dibër in northeastern Albania declared in 1966. The park encompasses 1,280 hectares on the eastern side of the Kunora e Lurës, the highest summit in the Lurë Mountains, which reaches a height of 2,119 m (6,952 ft) above sea level. The park is renowned for its 12 lakes and wildlife that attract visitors year-round.

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There are typical houses known as ‘Alpine houses’ or  “Kullat” , very suitable to weather conditions for people to live in this area .  Among the beautiful colors of the nature, you can easily notice the two main colors like the blue color of the lakes and green color of woods and grass. This areas is considered as one of the authentic areas of Albania where its beauty  is not spoiled  by constructions or any industrial work.  

The five famous and principal lakes of Lura are:

  1. Great Lake (Liqeni i madh)
  2. Lake of the Pines (Liqeni i pishave)
  3. Black lake (Liqeni i zi)
  4. Lake of flowers (Liqeni i luleve)
  5. Cow’s Lake (Liqeni i Lopeve)

The Itinerary

  • Waiting for the Group in the Airport or in Tirane

  • Departure From Tirane towards Lura.

  • A short Break in our way there

  • Lunch Break.

  • Traveling to the Lakes.

  • Return back to the H0tel

  • Dinner

  • Breakfast.

  • A short visit to the Village

  • We travel back to Tirane

What it is special about these lakes is their location at the very top of the mountain and being in frozen state during the winter. The flora and fauna are very rich too, offering you a beautiful variety of flowers and rare sorts of birds.

The least but not the last, it has to be mentioned the delicious and traditional food concerning mostly baked meat and home-made dairy products. You can feel right away the hospitality of people who make the staying even more enjoyable.