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Duration: 1 days
Location: Tomorri, Albania
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The district of Skrapar with a surface area of 775 kilometers, is located in southern of Albania. The territory of Skrapar is characterized by an impressive landscape and beautiful nature.

Tiranë Skrapar Not Defined 10:00 20:40
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It offers several and different attractions like the national park of Tomorri Mountain where you can grasp its beautiful view on the mountain top and nature by hiking. Down in Bogova village you can visit a natural waterfall and sit by Osumi River and have a very tasty and traditional food. Along with the food, Skrapar is famous for producing ‘Raki’ for generations, considered as ‘vodka’ of Albania.

The Itinerary

  • Departure from Tirana.

  • A break in our way there.

  • We perform the sport of Rafting

  • Lunch in Berat with Traditional Food.

  • Lunch.

  • A visit at the town.

  • Make a stop in Berat in our way back.

  • Return To Tirana.

The Osumi River and Canyons is one of the best places to experience and enjoy rafting starting from Berat City to Corovoda municipality area.
You can be intrigued to hear legends and old stories that are attached to ancient places located mostly in Corovoda.